Friday April 15

Hey folks

It amazes me how much intensity you can get from a workout if you have the right training partner, in this case I can clearly say that all the workouts I’ve done with Simon (Bjooerkman) has been really good like over the edge good. The intensity of the workout and the “pump” I got was amazing. To workout with someone can raise you but also be you’re downfall.  If you have workout buddy that is  far more experienced and with a more developed body that does not necessary mean you will get results you want.  More about the workout buddy topic will be covered later on.

Medved’s physic

“Rom was not build in a day” is the best way to describe my progress. I’ve gained more strength, endurance but as there is much more to improve. “Meh Medved…Will you leave us so unsatisfied ?” I’m afraid I will but a will update this section in the near future to give you guys a better status about my workout progression.


Me and Bjooerkman did a workout session and oh dam his chest has grown so humongous since last time and it has kinda inspired me to work even harder to get the size and strength he has also I’m going to try to develop both serratus muscles – the exercise I will be doing for serratus are following : machine pullovers, close-grip chins and hanging serratus crunches

(Serratus is under Arnald’s nipple and to left of his abs, it kinda looks like “fingers”)


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