New equipment, The Wizard from OZ

Hello world!

The jogging season is getting closer. I’ve never been a fan of jogging but neither was I a big fan of working out at the gym before I started to exercises seriously. Got a tip from a friend that the local sport store is having a sale on running shoes. I found a nice pair of shoes for approx 32 €(Price before sale was 90 €) . This was a really good deal for a guy who don’t want to spend up to 100-200 € on expensive shoes . Why would you buy running shoes for 200 € when you can get good once for 32 € that also has the same functions. It’s going to be fun to test the shoes for real later on in upcoming event which me and Bjooerkman will participate in.

(No “omg super mega ultra technology” looking shoes,looks ain’t everything)

I don’t know many people in my age that visits the theater, I’ve heard even less “Hey pal, let’s go to the theater this week they are showing Oidipus and Cats “. I got no clue why the newer generations of people don’t go to the theater. It could be a “thing” you did back in time when TV did not control so much. Frankly, I never watch TV because in Sweden the TV channels copies everything from US. For example “American Idol”, “Dancing with the Star”, “Gladiators”. TV that broadcast mainstream shows = brainwash .

I was with my girlfriend at the theater today to see “The Wizard from OZ”. The show it self were good and I enjoyed it so if you get any chance to see “The Wizard of OZ” I strongly recommend that you see it. It’s a classic that should never be forgotten.


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