Todays training

Whats up world?

I thought that I would share todays gymsession with you guys. The schedual said it was time for triceps – back today so that’s what I did. I didn’t write down what I did so this is comming from my memory, with some reservations for errors.

Wide grip lat pulldowns

10 reps at 25 for warming up shoulders

10 reps at 30

10 reps at 35

10 reps at 30

Upper body lifts with weight

12 reps without weight for warmup

12 reps with 15 kg

12 reps with 10 kg

12 reps with 10 kg


12 x 3

Cable row

12 at 54 (27 each hand)

12 at 45 (22.5 each hand)

12 at 45

Barbell curls

12 at 22 kg

12 at 20 kg

12 at 20 kg

Outward and inward rotations (shoulders)

20 x 2 inwards (2 on each arm)

20 x 2 outwards

Cable curl

10 x 45

10 x 40

Thats everything that I did today I believe. Felt pretty good, even though I didn’t have much power left in my arms after all the back exercise. I expect to be stiff tomorrow.

Think I’m gonna call it an early night, laters!


About bjooerkmaan

Hi! I'm a swedish guy who loves to work out at the gym. Read the blog that I have with my friend, The afternoon club!
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One Response to Todays training

  1. Medved says:

    Neat stuff 😀

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