Calf pain,A taste of the of the bad fruit, Last days of winter

After several days of resting my legs, the pain at the calves are over. What caused this pain is one of those stressed days when you are in a hurry to complete what ever you are doing e.g You are late for this very important and that you are so wind up about it you completely forgot were your car key is. Don’t we all have days like that? Last sunday was a day like that for me. I woke up way to late, barely got any breakfast before I had to move to the gym. The training schedule for that day were lower body, abs and shoulders, everything went in standard procedure until the ending which is when I forgot to stretch both calf areas. This resulted in a mix of minor calf muscle strain and cramps. Yeah situation was awful though I consider myself lucky that it was nothing more serious. If you ever end up in situation like these, not much can be done other than resting.But if you want to give that self-healing a kick in the butt then I got a tip or two for you. What I did was to buy Tiger Balm. Tiger Balm White is a drug and alleviates tension headaches! As easy as you can treat sore muscles and stiff joints, you can now relieve tension headaches. It is clinically proven. What you wanna do is rub the Tiger Balm on the area then keeping rubbing for a while, you want to get the muscle a bit warm so you can stretch the area which is injured. Another tip I got from a friend is that if you want to maximize the effect of the Tiger Balm you should cover up the area with a blanket or a towel.

Under the next couple of days everything went smooth that was before I got a taste of the bad fruit. When I sit in front of the computer, doing what ever I’m doing I like to eat fruits “an apple a day will keep the doctor at bay”. On the evening I sat as usually in the room with the computer at that point it was a bit dark in the room and I was not paying any interest in the apple. How often do you inspect the apple close ? Surely I didn’t expect it to be ok.So I started to eat the apple and it tasted fine but it wasnt until I had some bites that I felt some awful taste in my mouth. Some parts of the apple were infest with gods know what. The whole next day was unpleasant, just going to leave it there.

The last days has been just awful, well not enough awful to bring me into a moody state . “Why not Medved? ” Good question Billy! The answer is simply that the last days of winter is here, already most of the snow has melted away. “But then it’ spring good sir?”. No no no Billy. The real spring that’s in May, oh the sugary smell springtime. It’s amazing how much the sun can cheer you up. What I anticipated most about spring is that I can finally take bike to the gym. Got roughly 16.6 km to the gym and back home . It may sound long but it ain’t. Once or twice you made the travel you realise it’s nothing, in fact it takes about 20 min. “Why don’t you take the bus Medved? Or have you become the fitness freak Bjooerkmaan always thought you would become?” Oh Billy :3 Not yet at least. I just find the bike better in many ways. For example if I was going to take the bus everyday that would mean I had to put out money for it, now I can use the extra money for other stuff. If you are going to take the bus you also need to adjust everything you so you have time to get on the bus. This one has been annoying factor for me under the winter, sometimes I’ve not been able to finish fully due to the time restriction. As long as the weather condition are good enough for a bike ride to the gym I will be taking the bike.


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