Do your shoulders hurt when you are at the gym? Maybe they hurt afterwards? Or perhaps your shoulders simply feel unstable while at the gym?

Shoulderinjury is a very common problem for all people, especially for us who go to the gym. The reason is that we use our arms very often, without thinking about being in a stable position with our shoulders.

If you “clinch” your shoulders forward and towards each other, you will be able to use your biceps more in some exercises. This is however very bad for your shoulders and can damage them. It is importatnt that you find the right way to hold your shoulders stable. The shoulders should be slightly backwards (You should ask your gym instructor about this, since it is of the utmost importance).

What can you do if your shoulders have been damaged then?

A good rehabilitating exercise for tightening up the shoulder is the “outward rotation” exercise. You can either do it standing with a exercise-rubberband or height adjustable cable machine, or with a simple weight while lying sideways on the ground. The first alternative is the easiest way to do it right I believe. However, the second alternative is easier to to at home, since the material needed is more likely to be possessed.

Here is a video that tells you a bit more about the rehabilitation process:

Remember, many reps with a low weight. Don’t do 10 reps with 8 kg. If you do it on your side with a weight, as I do, then 1-2 kg is enough (I do it with about 1.5 kg now).

I recommend this exercise to everyone, even to people who doesn’t have any problems yet. It’s also great for avoiding getting hurt!

Well, that’s all I had to say on the subject I think. Good luck!


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Hi! I'm a swedish guy who loves to work out at the gym. Read the blog that I have with my friend, The afternoon club!
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